Current development update

- Multiple obstacles / multiple agent support

- Navigation mesh generation and caching is working for both imported geometry and terrain and path finding between 2 given points on said mesh is calculated using A*

- Implementation is based on the very powerful ReCast library.

White - Walkable for a 1.8m high, 0.6m diameter agent.

White polygons are "walkable" and used for Pathfinding.

PhysX triangle mesh cooking with caching to/from file is currently working without major issues.

Also, more work is being put into the new in-engine editor. Currently, only navigation mesh recalculation is supported:

No listing of entities and font is white for now making it hard to read, but everything is movable/clickable

Debug info rendering is also extended with render target preview, skeletons, axis gizmo, bounding boxes, etc. :

Bounding Boxes, Animation Skeletons, Depth(Shadow) Map preview, Axis Gizmo

Some other work in post processing, optimizations and general code cleanups is also done as a side-task, but navigation is the main goal for now.

  • Current side updates:
    • - HDR rendering is newly introduced to the code and can be examined in the BloomPreRenderOperator source file.
    • - Camera classes are now fully quaternion driven and the main code can be examined in the camera source file.


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